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Uke Tone Woods II

Thursday, May 22, 2014 12:42:52 PM Pacific/Honolulu

Each tonewood used in ukulele construction contributes significantly to the instruments over all tone. Supreme among all the woods in desirablity is certainly Hawaiian Koa, one of the world's most expensive and beautifully grained woods and used for a variety of applications in woodworking. It is native to the Hawaiian Islands with the most desired trees being found in the higher elevations. It can vary from blond and plain to a deep golden red with a complex figure. As Koa is uniquely Hawaiian it has been used in uke construction from early in the history of the Hawaiian Ukulele going back to the 1880s. Its tone is lively and warmly rich. Today most of the Hawaiian uke makers use native Hawaiian Koa ..."Grown here not flown here!" Admittedly, there is a undeniable charm to playing a Hawaiian Koa ukulele grown and constucted in the Hawaiian Islands, sipping on a tropical drink and watching a langorous Hawaiian sunset.
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Amber Villanueva

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